God’s heart is relevant

Hey friends

We had a great week here in San Francisco. During our week we were able to encourage kids, bring hope to the elderly, bring counsel to people, prayer walk, work on a city ministries website and spend time with a friend from Germany. It was amazing to see a week go by and see God move. Please keep one of our friends in prayer who is still battling cancer. Jen and I are feeling a lot better after getting over the cold, which is great. Thank you for your Prayers

God’s heart is relevant

When I prayed about what to write in today’s blog I felt God put John 9 on my heart. The story is about Jesus healing a blind man, but I think it’s even more about the heart of Jesus. The day he healed the man was a Sabbath which was in Jewish tradition a day were you were not allowed to do anything. So Jesus broke the rules of the time and all the religious leaders got mad at Him. Instead of celebrating that the man got his eyesight back they accused Jesus of breaking the Sabbath. The point is not that we should break all the rules and not have a Sabbath, if you look at the life of Jesus he took time off and he also said that he didn’t come to take the law away but instead to fulfill it, but the point is to stay connected with Gods heart and to see what he wants to do. If we live our life guided by the love and compassion of God, we will see more happening then if we base our decisions on fear on what other people are thinking. If we base it on fear our decisions will always be based on people pleasing. God doesn’t fit in a box of rules; he has many ways on how to move. How does God want to move through you?

Have a blessed week

Markus and Jen

P.s. San Francisco, besides Manhattan, is the most expensive city in the nation to live in. However, we believe God has called us to be missionaries in the urban world. Currently we are in need of $3,200 more a month to cover life and ministry costs. We’d like to offer you an opportunity to join us in engaging a city with a loving God.

This is what we are looking for

5 people that commit to give $200 a month
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20 people that commit to give $25 a month
20 people that commit to give $10 a month

Or you can support us with any amount you would like. This could be monthly or as a onetime gift. Anything helps. Under this link you can find all the info on how to support us.

Thank you for partnering with us through your giving!


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