Do you live your life right now?

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We had a great week here in San Francisco with lots of hospitality, time with the boys and girls club and meetings at the coffee shop. This Saturday we will have a memorial service for a friend from the neighborhood and I Markus will give a short message there. Please pray that God gives me the right words that will comfort but also encourage people to find Jesus as there personal savior. Thank you for all your prayers!!

We also want to ask you to pray about to join our monthly or one time gift support team. We lost a few supporters over the last few months and want to see if you would like to start partnering with God and us in the ministry we are doing here. Pray about it. You can click on this link for more info on how to support us. Thank you for considering us. It means a lot to us. May God bless you richly.


Do you live your life right now?

Over the years I had many conversations with people that were doing things they didn’t like. But the interesting thing was that they kept doing them just to make money to be able to retire someday and then do what they really want to do. I believe all of us go through seasons in our life where we don’t like what we do and I think that is normal. Even as Christians that follow God on a daily basis we will have days like that, just remember the Martyrs in the bible. But God called us to live our life with a purpose. God has a plan for our lives and it is not just to make money to someday retire to then maybe do what he calls us to do. No he wants us to follow his lead on a daily base. Jesus called each one of us to go into the world and make disciples. Are we living that call on a daily base? I’m not saying with that stop saving up for retirement or quit your job and become a missionary. But what I’m saying is that It is always important to check our motives on why we are doing things. Often we make life decisions based on fear or on a way of life that we see daily around us. But that should not be the reason for a decision. Instead ask yourself are you living your life for His glory, for your Glory or just for survival? Ask yourself that question and also if you need to make adjustments to your life. I promise you one thing, if you live your life for His Glory you will not die someday and say I wasted my life. I know this is a thought provoking blog, but it’s important for each of us to think about those things.

Have a blessed week

Markus and Jen

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