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In this area you will find links to all our video updates and devotionals. They are sorted by year and number. We hope you are encouraged while watching them. You can always check out the newest one here.

Year 2014

Episode 26     Let’s go fly a kite or God teaches through a kite

Year 2013

Episode 25     Happy New Year or a New Years Resolution that will change your life forever!

Episode 24     Merry Christmas and the Question what is Christmas really about?

Episode 23     Batman and Batkid in San Francisco or what unconditional love means

Episode 22     The young man who gets hit by the train

Episode 21     A new workout Swim against the tide

Episode 20     Bloom and grow where you are planted Jeremiah 29:4-7

Episode 19     The Problem with Fear

YWAM          Bring healing to our inner City’s Harry Williams

Song             Freedom Reigns in this place (sang by Markus)

Song             Bless the Lord oh my Soul 10000 Reasons (sang by Markus)

Special          The Amish Buggy Ride

Year 2012

Episode 18     Merry Christmas and a story of our faithful God and his goodness

YWAM          Father Gregory shares about the life of Saint Francis the name giver of our city

Episode 17     From old to new

Special          The Space Shuttle over our apartment in San Francisco

Special          4th of July Firework

YWAM           How to reach our cities Alejandro Rodriguez YWAM Community Night

Special          The North Beach Fair

Special          The Wedding

Special          Wedding Trailer

Special          The Story of Jen and Markus

Episode 16     What legacy are you leaving?

Episode 15     Love like you never loved before

Episode 14     God always wants to give you the best. Our own experience with it.

Episode13      12 practical ways to love people

Episode12      God always wants the best for you

Year 2011

Episode 11     Simplify your life

Episode 10     Merry Christmas and how love never fails.

Episode 9      How a crocodile can teach us about Community

Episode 8      How prayer can change a whole community

Episode 7      This time from the North American Leaders Conference in North Carolina

Episode 6      Love yourself for the sake of your Neighbor

Special           New Years Resolution

Year 2010

Special          Happy New Year and Fireworks

Special          Merry Christmas from San Francisco

Special          Giants win the world Series

Episode 5      Do you believe that you are loved?

Episode 4      Prayer

Episode 3      Forgiveness

Episode 2      Back in San Francisco

Episode 1      Topic: Love