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What is the Devil really after? Part 2

What is the Devil really after? Part 2

Last week I explained with some stories of the bible what the devil is really after. Today I want to look at how it looks like in the modern world.

But let’s start by looking back 200 years. The world was industrialized and instead of families working together on the farm the father goes to work in the factory. Many times he gets home exhausted from the day at work and doesn’t want to really invest into his relationships. That starts breaking down respect in the children for their fathers. They don’t see them most of the time and when they see them they are exhausted and don’t want to spend time with them. But for a child it is important to get affirmation from their father to grow up with a good self-esteem. But how do they get it if Dad has a hard time to be fully there. Now that generation grows up and tries to prove every day that they are good enough. But some do it in a way that it will take them even further away from true relationship. Some People in San Francisco actually live at work and just go home for sleeping. How do you want to have relationship if you never have time? So again the enemy throws a lie into the life of the people that value comes out of what we produce. Look at today’s society, every 2nd marriage ends up in a divorce. Why? It is because the enemy is in the business of trying to destroy relationship. Today we are the most connected in the whole history of mankind, but many people don’t even know anymore to have face to face relationship. It’s easier to put something on Facebook then actually sharing with someone face to face. We start believing that we have so many relationships, but how many of those are real? How many of those people would come to your house if you need some help?

broadwayOne last one: Pornography. When you look at that 14 Billion industry, it tells you something about our society. Sex was created for marriage because of relationship and intimacy we share there. It was created as the closest intimacy we can find. But with more and more people addicted to porn it takes them away from that deep intimate relationship. It gives them something counterfeit and at the end people are feeling worse than before. I read a statistic that 93% of boys and 62% of girls are exposed to porn before they are 18! Many young people are addicted to this lie and it makes them grow up in a way to not understand what true relationship means (if you know people that are trapped in it and want to be free, this website has some great resources and help )

So when we look at sin, we see: the issue with sin is actually not sin in itself, the issue with sin is that it cracks down in relationship and starts to separate and isolate us from our Father and also from other people. We get this feeling of guilt in us and then we are afraid of God and what he will do to us when we tell him what we did. When we are isolated we are an easy target for even more of his lies and eventually for his destruction. The enemy knows that.  He destroyed his relationship with God the day he wanted to become God, and pride took him over. But instead of fixing his relationship by repenting, he chooses to take as many down with him as he can.

I hope you start seeing the picture. Relationship is the key thing that the enemy is after. Let’s all do 3 things.

  1. Let’s pray for our relationships. If we see something in our own relationships with God or people lets pray for restoration. Also let’s do that if we see something in other people’s relationships.
  2. Let’s fix our relationships. If we did something wrong lets repent if someone else did something wrong to us lets forgive. Let’s start restoring relationships.
  3. Let’s be someone who gives relationship. Let’s build relationship to people that live right around us, or people we know that don’t have any true friends. Let’s invite them into our life and into relationship. We will help them by that and destroy the plans of the enemy to isolate them.

Let’s do this together and take as many people away from Satan’s plan and bring them back to a loving father.

Hey our friend

We hope you had a great week and had a chance to think about the last blog and your relationships. We are writing those blogs to encourage and challenge all of us in the body of Christ to grow in our faith and our relationship with Him as well as our neighbor.

During our last week we had many meetings to move things forward in different areas of the ministry. We are moving into a new season with streamlining the ministry to be even more focused and effective as well as moving towards the new name. We meet with a coworker who is working on our web and presentation stuff for the ministry and things are really starting to come together. Keep praying that God gives us time in the process to get things done.

Please also keep us in your prayers since we are teaching in the DTS School this week on the father heart of God. Pray that God will really encourage and challenge the students as well as connect with His father heart in this time.

Thanks for all your Prayers.

Have a blessed week.

Markus and Jen

A community that stands with you

Hey our friend

Another week went by and another week to be thankful for. Last Monday we got some much needed rest after a busy weekend with Block party and Loren Event. God knows exactly when we need those times and just guides us perfectly. We also had the new DTS school start working with us. They are helping out at the boys and girls club and do Prayer Walks in the neighborhood during their time here. Please keep them in your prayers for this season especially for after DTS that they can take home what they learned in ministry time and reach their own communities. Thank you for praying.

A community that stands with you

DSC_0145San Francisco has the most famous prison in the world, Alcatraz. When it was still in service it was one of the highest security prisons in the world. One of the advertisements for the tourists today says: “Break the rules and you go to prison, break the prison rules and you go to Alcatraz.” I got reminded of Alcatraz when we were reading in Acts the story about how Peter got arrested and put in jail. 2 things that stuck out to me in that chapter: standing for each other as a community and faith in God that He actually answers Prayer.

Acts 12.5 So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him. Peter was put in jail but he was never alone. His community was standing with him in Prayer. Through that time of Prayer the community worked together with God and through that angels were released to free Peter out of a high security prison. It shows to me that when we stand together in unity God will move through us. It doesn’t matter if it is a famous apostle or someone that is struggling in their faith. We are called to stand with them as a community in unity. We also saw that with the YWAM building in the Tenderloin. Many believers stood together in Prayer as well as financially to make the impossible possible and see God move in powerful ways. Since September 23rd YWAM San Francisco owns the Tenderloin buildings!! Of course there is still a mortgage that has to paid off but God will make a way for that too!!

The second thing that really stuck out to me was the fact that after Peter was freed from jail; he came to that community that prayed for him which didn’t let him in because they couldn’t believe that he is actually free (Acts 12.13-16). That stirs up the question are we actually believing that God will move in areas that seem impossible through our prayers or do we just pray because we feel we are supposed to? I believe that when we start praying in the authority God has given us we will actually see more and more miracles happening. That didn’t just count for the Apostles during bible times, no that is still relevant today.

Start this week with praying for someone in your community in faith that God will change their circumstances and bring hope. See what’s happening.

Have a blessed week

Markus and Jen

Are you in focus?

Hey our friend

TH_calhoun terraceWow what a week and weekend. Last Friday 20140919_11023220140919_200212_Richtone(HDR)20140919_220428_Richtone(HDR)we had the founder of YWAM Loren Cunningham share with all the staff and then after with many people from the bay area about Global Missions and mission in the bay area. It was amazing to see all the different ministries that participated in this event and to see what God is doing in the big picture in the bay area. God is on the move worldwide and he wants to use you as well. And if you wonder if you are called, the only reason that you are not is if God told you that you are not, since He already called each one of us (Matthew 28.18-20).
And on Sunday we had a big block party (which Jen helped to organize) where we met many more of our neighbors. It was an amazing event!!


I don’t know if you are into video or Photography, but if you are you know how important focus is. When you take a picture you need to make sure that you set your focus on the object that you want to be the center and blur out the rest. This example is also true for our relationship with God. When we sincerely read our bible, spend time in worship or Prayer something in us changes and our focus starts to be on God. But to achieve that it is good to break down distractions beforehand. As an example you have this thought of work that you have to do, instead of keeping it in your head, write it on a piece of paper so you don’t forget and then you can deal with it after your time with God. Also silence your phone or any other gadgets that could distract you. Make sure you also set a good amount of time so you don’t have to worry that your time is limited. When we put our focus on Him it will actually help us to connect with Him in a deeper way. But not just that, it will start to transform our time with God and us, because we start living like Jesus who said that he is only doing what he sees His Father doing (John 5.19-20). And we can only see and hear what God is doing by focusing on Him and learning from Him.

We want to challenge you to look at your life and see where you are out of focus. Find those areas and put the focus back on God. It will transform you and many others.

God bless you

Markus and Jen