How can Jesus shine through you? Part 2 Kindness

Last week we talked about Patience and how its so important for others to see in our life. How did it go? Did you feel an improvement and did you have the opportunity to be more patient?

How can Jesus shine through you Part 2 KindnessToday we want to write about Kindness. What always struck me about the Father in the Prodigal son story is his kindness. He showed kindness after the son asked for his inheritance early. That was a very dishonoring thing in that time, because it was pretty much saying you are dead to me. But the father didn’t respond with hate or anything, no he showed kindness. He did not agree with the decision the son made, but again he showed kindness. It even shows till the end when the son comes home. The Father never says anything about his bad decision; no he runs towards him, wraps his arms around him and puts an expensive coat on him and the family ring on the finger to establish him back. After all the son did, the father never gave what was deserved, no he always gave kindness.  During the life of Jesus we see the same thing. He always showed kindness to people that nobody would treat kindly, think about the lepers. These were people that were rejected by society; the only way they could make a living was through begging. But Jesus doesn’t walk away or ignore them; no he shows kindness and brings healing. Or think about the children that came to Jesus. Children didn’t have a very important position in society and were more seen as an annoyance. But Jesus said let them come to me! He extended Kindness.

So now it comes back to us. Since we represent Jesus in this world, how would that look for us? It might be showing kindness by visiting elderly homes or hospitals. Maybe it could be showing kindness to people in our community that need a helping hand. Or it might be extended kindness to the cashier at the supermarket that might not be fast enough. It can look many ways but when we do it it will change people and the world along with it! And again remember kindness is not based on how the other person deserves it. So lets work on our kindness!!

Hey our friend

How was your week. We are still in Jamaica teaching but we are coming back on Tuesday. Please keep us in your Prayers that God will use our words so people feel inspired and more hopeful through the teachings. Please pray for our transition back which will be a bit of a culture shock.

Remember to keep working on your kindness towards others!

God bless you

Markus and Jen

How can Jesus shine through you? Part 1 Patience

How can Jesus shine through you Part 1 PatienceLast week we had a video of the father in the prodigal son story and how it was so important that the son knew that the father is good to actually come home. We want to write some more about that Father and also some of the character trades Jesus had and we need in our life. To make a difference in the world, the world has to see Jesus in the way we live our lives!

So today we want to start of with Patience. When you look at the father in the story you notice that he never put pressure on the son, no he was patiently waiting for him. He never gave up on Him, which shows really clear at the end when he sees him. But he was patient even while knowing the son just blew everything he gave him. Even knowing the son made a huge mistake. He stayed patient. We find the same in the life of Jesus. One example is Peter: Jesus was patient with him even after he failed a few times. He never walked away from him or gave up on him. No he always stayed with him.

So how does patience look like for us in our everyday life? It could look like a person that annoys us at work, but we choose still to be patient with him or her and not get angry at them. It could look like someone who doesn’t seem to ever make it but we stay patient and help again and again. It could be a child in our youth group that just always causes trouble, but we can still be patient. The most powerful testimony we can give of Gods patience is by living it. So lets start this week to increase our patience for others!!

 Hey our friend

We hope you had a great week. We are still in Jamaica teaching. Please keep us in your Prayers that God will use our words so people feel inspired and more hopeful through the teachings. Also keep praying for our beautiful city San Francisco. Pray that people can experience the love of God in a new way through Christians that live in the city.

Now have a wonderful week and remember to keep working on your patience for others!

Markus and Jen

You will only run towards good if you know good

You will only run towards good if you know goodWe just started into 2018 that’s why we start off with a video blog with the topic You will only run towards good if you know good! Be inspired!

 Hey our friend

We had a great start into the new year in San Francisco. Jen celebrated her birthday with a birthday party with neighbors, ywamers and church friends from the city. It was a blast and it was so great seeing everyone connecting. We also started to get ready for our teaching time in Jamaica. We are partnering with many churches there to teach people on budgeting. When we talked to our friend there and asked him how we could help to make a difference on the island he asked us to teach on finances, one thing I helped many different people with here in SF. We are leaving Tuesday the 9th and get back the 23rd. Our goal is to bring a team of financial people from our neighborhood in the future to teach and help. Please keep us in your prayers!

So remember this week to love a person towards Jesus!

Markus and Jen